Asif Iqbal

Work Experience

  • May 31, 2011 -- Present.
    Software Engineer, MI9 Business Intelligence Systems Inc., Toronto, Canada.

    This company has a suite of software products targeted for retail business people like Barneys, Tuesday Morning and a lot others. My role here is to participate in developing new software components and maintaning existing ones, as well as testing and debugging.

  • September 2009 -- April 2011.
    Research Assistant, Department of Computing and Software (CAS), McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

    I worked on a research project that focuses on impact analysis of Oracle patches on a large enterprise level legacy system. The ultimate objective of this project was to provide the customer with a reduced test suite, and if possible, suggest new test cases as well. My specific contribution to this project was building up and maintaining a program dependency graph among the Java entities to ease the impact analysis process, along with developing a tool for detecting modification between successive versions of Java bytecode. I had to solve a number of empirical software engineering issues during my work like coping with the large size of the problem domain, scalability and choosing between trade-off options that often arise in real life software engineering problems.

  • December 2007 -- May 2009.
    Software Engineer
    , M&H Informatics (BD) Limited (An IMS Health company), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Major Projects

    • Strategic Trial Allocation (STRATA). A suite of web tools to select right countries for the execution of a clinical trial by bringing country indices for market value, patient prevalence, cost, speed and quality together and using functionalities such as scenario building, weighted scoring and advanced search. I worked as a web and database developer for this project using C#,, JavaScript, CSS and SQL Server.

    • Web dashboard for Teva Pharmaceuticals. A web application that focuses several business parameters of Teva Pharmaceuticals. These parameters include absolute sales, profit, growth in successive years, trend of sales over several years etc. I worked as a databse developer for this project using SQL Server. Also aided in the production phase of this project using SSIS packages.

    • Several business dashboard projects for pharmaceutical companies like Lifescan, Bayer, Pfizer etc. The technologies used in this projects were basically C#, SQL Server, VBA. Some of these projects were done in collaboration with IMS Switzerland and IMS London.

    • Pfizer European Web Dashboard. Orginally developed in IMS Germany. I worked with Java to handle several change requests made by the client.

    • Hergiswil Project. A large project in collaboration with IMS Switzerland and IMS USA. I served as a sytem maintainer and supporter using SQL Server and VBA during a critical phase of this project.


    • Most Promising Developer, 2008.
    • 3rd Prize Winner, JavaScript Contest, June 2007.