Asif Iqbal

Academic Projects

  • Graphical Railway Simulation. This application that supports dispatchers in organising the setup and cancellation of routes and the blocking of parts of a railway network (eg, for maintenance) whilst enforcing safety rules. An example of such a safety rule is: 'at most one train can occupy a given route'.
    This application was developed using Java.

  • Pharmaceutical Company Management System. This project had both a desktop application and a web based part. In the desktop application there was provision for various managers of the company to place order for purchase,production or sale medicines and approve those and also for many other activities related to the company. In the web application, different clients and regional mangers can order for medicines and/or edit their account info. As this is a project of System Analysis and Design course, design is the main factor in this project. Here a lot of UML diagram such as collaboration, class, sequence, state chart etc had been designed.
    This project was built using C#, and MySQL database.

  • Online Auction House. Online Auction House is a website where registered usrs can buy and sell items by auction. Besides buying and selling, there is also provision for placing wanted advertisements of various items. It also had the important feature of an automated bidder which helped users to carry on the bidding process. Here also some UML diagrams had been designed before implementation.
    The website was developed using Java, JSP, Jakarta Struts and Oracle database.

  • File Compression Software. Huffman encoding is a variable length encoding technique which involves creating a mapping of literals into key codes based on their frequency. The motivation of this project was to apply this famous encoding technique into file compression software. The software eciently compresses and decompresses any file using this algorithm. An important feature was the ability to compress any type of file including exe, pdf, mp3 etc.
    This project was developed using C++.

  • 3D Graphics Project. In this project the 3D model of a museum and a palace was implemented which are on the opposite sides of a river. It includes use of lighting, shading and texture mapping. It also inculdes a human model. The human model was developed with the concept scene graph and it can do various activities such as walking, running, swimming, shing in the river etc.
    This project was developed using C++ and OpenGL.

  • Demo OSI Data Link Layer. In this project OSI Data Data Link Layer was implemented. This data link layer was built upon a full duplex connection between two ends using the PC serial ports. The demo DLL in this project has several features such as error control with CRC and ow control using Go-Back-N protocol.
    The project was built by Java and its socket programming.

  • Demo Unix File System. For a partitioned disk to be usable a filesystem must be built on it. In this case a Demo Linux file system was developed. This project requires certain partition of disk space to implement this le system. This partition had a superblock, which maintains information on the file system within a partition including a set of inodes uniquely num- bered within each superblock, the number of free and total inodes, the total number of data blocks, the number of free data blocks, and the filesystem's state. Special feature of this project was building a shell similar to bash and various Linux commands (e.g. cp, mv, rm, cat) to handle this filesystem.
    The project was built by Unix C++.

  • Demo Unix Memory Manager. A memory manager is a part of an Operating System which accepts requests from the program to allocate and deallocate chunks of memory. The objective of this project was developing a dynamic memory manager for the running processes.
    The project was built by Unix C++.

  • Decision Making Software. Decision making software is needed when there are various factors and this is hard for Software using ANN human being to make a decision of that complex factor with huge available data. In this project a decision making software was built which decides whether it is feasible to set up a branch of a bank in a particular area.
    The project was built using Matlab and its Artificial Neural Network tool box.

  • Course Registration System. In this project a course registration system for the undergraduate level of a university was implemented. There is provision for all activities that take place during actual registration of courses such as entering course numbers and names, checking for fulfilling of pre-requisites, viewing previous results, saving new results, registration of new students etc.
    This project was developed using Turbo C.

  • Board Games. In this project the main task was to develop board games using the philosophy of template (generic) classes. As reference games, chess and tic-tac-toe were developed. This project covered a wide range of object oriented programming techniques like encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance.
    This project was developed using Turbo C++.

  • 4-Bit Microprocessor. This project was a very challenging project. It was a 4-bit microprocessor which can perform 28 instructions such as ADD, SUB, MOV, OUT, IN etc like basic Intel 8086 Microprocessor. The microcomputer had separate Memory, Control unit and Datapath.
    The project was built using MSI and LSI ICs.

  • Configurable Display Board. Though display board is very common today but the problem is that they are not configurable. So it was a challenging task to develop a display board which can be easily configured. The display of the board was developed using Dot Matrices which were operated using microcontroller and a small keyboard. The purpose of the keyboard was to operate and input texts in display board. The special features of this project were to display moving/animated texts and various animated object along with dynamic input.
    The display board was built using Dot Matrix, LSI chips, ATMEL 89C51 ED2 microcontroller. The code was written in the microcontroller using Keil editor with Flip compiler.